Tips for a dog friendly cottage break with Toad Hall Cottages
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Tips for a dog friendly cottage break with Toad Hall Cottages

For many dog owners, family holidays just aren’t the same without their four-legged member of the family in tow. Toad Hall Cottages, who have hundreds of dog friendly cottages throughout the South West, recognise the importance of your pooch holidaying with you. Together we have put together our top tips for taking your dog with you on a dog friendly cottage break.

Car journeys with your dog

The journey

Before embarking (pardon the pun) on a long drive ahead, there are some essential safety measures to think about to ensure the car journey is safe, stress-free and comfortable for you both. It’s not safe to let your dog roam free in the car, so consider a harness or a crate with their blankets and chew toys from home. We recommend the RSPCA car harness to keep your pooch safely restrained. Exercise your dog to tire them out before getting into the car – it will help even the most anxious of canine passengers to relax. Plan regular stops along the way, avoiding busy roads, so your dog can stretch his legs, go for a tinkle and hydrate. Gloucester services, for example, have a dedicated dog walking area and water bowls available. Finally, please remember the golden rule – never leave your beloved dog in a hot car.

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A dog friendly cottage break is perfect for your canine chum because you will have almost all of the freedom that you both have at home. Be sure to give them a tour of your new home for the next few days and take them outside to the garden so they will know what is expected of them when it comes to spending a penny and avoid any unwanted accidents back indoors. Toad Hall Cottages have over 350 dog friendly cottages throughout the South West so are experts when it comes to ensuring your holiday cottage is fit for your dog. Most properties will have enclosed gardens so your dog is able to explore outside without you having to join them. We recommend taking your dog’s bed, blankets and toys from home along for the ride with you to create familiar scents and surroundings – a relaxed pooch will soon make you feel relaxed too.

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There are so many dog friendly attractions and places to visit in the South West that enable the whole family to enjoy a day out together. We’ll be working hard over the next few weeks and months to develop our directory so you are able to browse through them all in one place. Your dog friendly cottage break is the perfect moment to get outside and experience all that the South West has to offer. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where to go for your daily dog walk. National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, coastal paths, forest trails – the South West has it all in abundance (and some). If you’re holidaying in Cornwall, check out iWalk Cornwall for downloadable route maps for over 100 dog friendly stunning walks.

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Meal times

Staying in one of Toad Hall Cottages’ self-catering home-from-homes makes meal times relaxed and flexible without them having any impact on your dog. You can take their usual food with you so that they get a balanced, consistent meal and while you cook at your leisure, they can chill out on the decking in the evening sun or get cosy in front of the log fire. We recommend Lily’s Kitchen dog food for a truly natural, delicious and wholesome meal full of nutrition to give your dog all the energy they need for holiday adventures. If you want to venture out in the evening for dinner, be sure to check out our collection of dog friendly restaurants, cafes and pubs dotted about from Cornwall to the Cotswolds.

Book your dog friendly cottage break with Toad Hall Cottages today and let the wag-tastic adventures begin!

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